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Ӿ齲гʮ꣬ڼ涼ʵġLED ʱIJʱùڵ飺18601760COBоƬȴͳԭ±صȸ3-5̸ߴ120ף·ЧӰɢЧͨײLEDֱͨLEDƵ̣м̻ڣǸ۸ͷõЧ ԡӮͻչΪĿꡣ
ڹڽӴȶIJгóԶŷжĴǡǵ60Һ͵Ϊ Made in China õиŬ
From experience, Guangzhou Star is committed to the automotive aftermarket production for more than 20 years, both in terms of technical production is high quality. From the current mainstream automotive LED headlights, we are following the pace of progress in the times with the Times. The use of foreign imports of light beads: 1860, 1760, COB and other chips. 3-5 times brighter than traditional original vehicle halogen lamps. Range up to 120 meters, auxiliary road effect without shadow. Multiple heat dissipation effect: through aluminum parts, bottom fan to solve the common problem of LED lights. Star is a direct LED lamp manufacturers, reduce the middleman link, but also to your price and service to be effectively protected.
Star to "reputation to win customers, innovation and development" as the core goal. Guangzhou Star in the domestic establishment of a huge, stable production and marketing market, foreign trade is travelled Europe and the US, South America, the Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia and other more than 60 countries and regions, for the "Made in China" more and better to the world and make unremitting efforts!


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